Letter from Steve

May 24, 2021

Good Day to all of you,

We welcome you to our website in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The past year plus has been absolutely incredible, and not in a good way,  We have been through a worldwide pandemic which has killed more than three million people.  Here in America, more than one-half of a million have succumbed to COVID-19.

If this had been the only disaster to strike the world, it would have been bad enough; but there have been so many events occurring.  Recently we have seen war once again breakout in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies.  We see hatred rearing its ugly head throughout the world for many reasons.  Here in the USA, we have witnessed violence and lawlessness and have reached a point of which we have never seen.

There have been increased instances of volcanic and earthquake activities.  Also other weather related disasters.  The “Climatizers” throughout the world are blaming it on manmade global warming.  What these uninformed, or I should say, unbelieving people do not understand is that there is a God in heaven Who controls all these things.

Folks, all these events and disasters are surely signs from almighty God that He is soon to bring down the curtain on this God-forsaken  world.  All the things we are seeing before our eyes should be a reason for joy amongst believers.  We are witnessing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  While not one of of wish to go through hardships, the Holy Bible teaches us plainly what must transpire in the final days.  We do need to “Look up for your redemption draws nigh.”

As bad as things may look, especially to the unsaved, just remember that God is always on His throne and always in control.  Satan knows his days are numbered, so he is going all out to cause fear and chaos throughout the entire world,

“But God” (Ephesians 2:4).  Through His Son, Jesus Christ, will always be victorious!

For this reason, brothers and sisters in Christ, we must, as never before, share the only true Gospel message with as many of our family, friends and neighbors and strangers as we can.

God Bless and keep you.

In Christ,