Letter from Steve

To everyone reading this letter, blessings, peace and love in the name of Yeshua, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It has been quite a while since I have updated my cover letter; but, in lieu of all that is going on in our country, and indeed throughout the world, I feel it is imperative to write and to address these issues.

For many years now, we have been witnessing the moral decay of our nation and the world.  Ideals and mores that fifty or sixty years ago, which would have been rejected, have now become accepted by the vast majority of people.  The United States, of course, is not an exception to these issues.

Primarily in America, this began when prayer was removed from our public schools.  Now, for the most part, God, and certainly our Lord have been banned.  They have not only been banned from schools, but also from all public arenas.  The end results of these actions are playing out before our eyes.  We are witnessing the demise of a civil society, as well as, any resemblance of a Godly one. 

As we look at the events unfolding before us, one cannot help but believe that perhaps God’s patience has come to an end.  Are we truly seeing the start of, or at least, the approach of the “tribulation” or the “beginning of sorrows?”  Are all these events a beginning of God’s punishment on a lost and dying world? At the very least, it should be an awakening to all believers that prophecy is being fulfilled as I write. 

We have seen what is reported to be an increase in extreme weather all around the world.  There is also an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity.  Then, on top of all of these things, we end up with a world-wide pandemic.  Do all these things, at the very least, indicate some form of judgment from God or indicate God has allowed such events to happen? 

Now, in our country, we are living through nationwide unrest with rioting and vast destruction of property, looting and violence.  While certainly we all understand why peoople are peacefully protesting for justice, and rightly so, this should never be a reason, however, to loot, destroy or to harm innocent people.  Has this nation lost it way completely? 

No matter what happens, we have been told to continually “Praise the Lord” and to “Bless His Name.”  But we, as believers, also need to step up to the plate and witness God’s Truths wherever and whenever possible.  We are already under attack from an unbelieving world, and our witness will most surely come under attack also.  However, remember we do not seek man’s approval, but that of our heavenly Father.  We must be bold and courageous. 

While much of this letter may not be very uplifting, it is the current state of affairs.  We, as believers in the Lord, we have the greater Hope for our future.  When or Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, returns, we will spend eternity in His presence.  Praise God! 

If anyone who is reading this letter is not a born-again Christian and wants the same peace and Blessed Hope, then accept Jesus as Lord and Savior into your heart.  Repent of your sins, ask forgiveness for them, believe that He is the Son of God Who lived, died and rose again and you will be saved. 

Just remember:  This life is short, but eternity is forever!

May the Lord bless and keep you. 

With love in Christ,