Free Stuff

 Risen with The SON!   Booklet  

This free booklet is available for all who would like to use it as a vehicle for witnessing.  When used by a church or other Christian organization, there is a place on the cover and on the 2nd page from the back under “MAIL TO:” for you to stamp or place a label with your “NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, and/or EMAIL ADDRESS, enabling individuals to contact you if desired.  Shipped free.

Would you like these free booklets for you and/or your group?  Just email, phone or snail mail us your name and address and we will send out packs of 25 so you can use these as a vehicle for witnessing.  They are marvelous little books which might also be advantageous for you to read, as well as, helping you disciple someone in a true and meaningful and abiding relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 



Risen With The SON! CD

This CD follows, basically, the Risen with the SON! booklet and takes approximately 60 minutes to play.


This is a great tool to give to people to use, as sometimes in today’s world, people either have time to listen to a CD in the car or little time to read.  Please limit requests to 3 at a time; but, if you find you need more, please contact us by email..  As per our practice, these are also shipped free of charge.  Please remember to submit your name and address. 





“21 Absolute Truths to Give You Hope”  

This tract explains, through scripture, God’s love for humanity, His Son’s sacrificial death for our sins, His burial and resurrection.  The “Truths,” in this tract, explain to the non-believer man’s sinful nature, how to have eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, the fruits of The Spirit, our adoption and priveledges as children of God, our ability to have an on-going relationship with our Lord, how to please God and anticipate, with great hope, the coming again of Jesus Christ to earth.

We will certainly send them to you free, upon your requests.  Please email, phone or snail mail us.  All the information is on this website.  We will send them in packs of 25 and they may accompany any of the other items we have listed under “FREE STUFF” if you would like to request other items also.



Renewing Your Mind

These tracts are available free of charge to any who request them.  They are shipped, free, in packs of 25.

Please email, phone or snail mail us with your name and address and we will send them to you to use for witnessing and sharing with others.  These are nice little tracts for you, as well as, other Christians to keep in your Bible and are a wonderful aid as you minister to others of the love and care of our Lord.



“Happy Birthday to You”

These tracts are available in packs of 25.  Shipped free, as is our usual practice.  However, if you would like to donate to our ministry, that would be greatly appreciated, but not necessary.  The important thing is that the Word of God and the Salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ, is taken to the entire world.  Remember to send us your name and address when you requests any of our free items.

Birthdays can be wonderful for most of us, sad for some. But, our human birth falls far short of our spiritual rebirth, as we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This tract tells of our sinful nature and encourages non-believers to trust and love and believe in Jesus Christand be born again unto the Happiest Birthday ever!