Elevated Through Christ 

by Gloria S. Schloss (c) 2018


Scripture: 1 John 2:15-17

Think about it.  Our scripture today explores sinfulness against God and man.  The scripture points out how sinfulness begins.  It begins with “the lust of the flesh,” “the lust of the eyes” and “the pride of life.  Behind any or all of these actions stands the nasty evil of selfishness.

As we read concerning these three things, it is insinuated that it does not stop there.  Actions taken will boil down to “I.”  “I” want it.  It is all about the “me.”  Consideration is not given to what is good to anyone around “me.”  It is just about “me.”  “I” am the important one.  So, then enters “the pride of life.”

Nothing but what “I” am or what “I” want or what “I” do is important.  “I” and “my” pleasures, or “my” desires or “my” abilities or “my” views are important!  All things revolve around “me.”

By believing in this manner, we, in mind only, catapult ourselves to a “god-like” throne.  Our selfishness is all about ourselves and only includes others, be it family, friends, co-workers or even passers-by, as those who should be available for our needs only.

Selfish attitudes whole-heartedly feed our importance, our desires and shows a lack of love for those with whom we are in contact, whether that contact be just in passing or a daily occurrence.

But God!  But God has given us a new purpose.  We have been truly “Elevated through Christ” by replacing selfishness with love.  As we grow in our Lord, loving others must replace our selfish motives.  Loving others will mean total forgiveness for wrongs we know or feel were launched against us.  Loving others will find us not treating anyone as a doormat, but becoming much more aware of exactly what each of us can do for another in love.

Let us all consider our motives.  Do we do what we do out of selfish desires or because we think we are superior to others and they owe it to us?  Or, do we follow our Lord’s example of love and put ourselves aside and live to please our God by serving others rather than ourselves?

Christianity is not just about our knowing Jesus Christ as Savior.  It is also about committing ourselves to growing in Him and following Him and His ways as our Lord through each day.

Today, let us all analyze ourselves.  May we honestly look at our hearts and determine if we are in anyway selfishly using others or circumstances to promote our own “lust of the flesh,” “lust of the eyes” or “pride of life.”  If so, we must ask forgiveness.  We then need to ask God to help us form a new heart.  A heart that begins with a heart of love for others and their needs–a servant’s heart.

May our Lord and Savior fill you will joy and peace and love.

With love in Christ,