Elevated through Christ

Be Still!

Scriptures:  Psalms 46:10; Matthew 11:28-30

(c) Gloria S. Schloss

So many sad and unfortunate circumstances arise in all our lives.  We become wrapped up in our own lives so often and then, we see or hear of others who are going through so much more than we are.

No matter, each of our own situations for the moment, we all as born-again believers, are to lean heavily on our Lord.  Lean on Him for ourselves and lift others up to Him for peace and strength which we all can receive from Him to carry them and us through all our ordeals. 

As we intercede for others or pray for our own needs, we should also be able to bring to mind passages of scripture because we have studied and memorized many Bible verses.  As a Christian, how often, if we answer honestly, have most of us while in the midst of turmoil been anxious and beside ourselves rather than remembering the promise of scriptures such as Matthew 11: 28-30?  Do we only lean on Him and allow Him to carry our burdens when we think all else has failed?  Or have we matured enough to remember or search the scriptures and apply them to our daily lives and know that He is faithful to His Word?  It is always a good thing to bring to mind scriptures that lift us up!

“Be still and know that I AM God…” is the beginning of Psalms 46:10.  Although written at the time for the Jewish people, we know God is the Great “I AM” and that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This particular scripture gives us hope in all our circumstances.  When we believe in His presence and His Holy Word, to be still will keep our minds from wandering into a darkness of a situation or worrying about “what ifs.”

“Be still…” is a reminder that we are heirs of His salvation.  To “Be still…” affords us the certainty that God is in control of our lives and has hold of every situation and has hold of each of our hands.  The remainder of this verse gives credence to the fact that people and nations who have lived or initiated or validated a God-forsaken life or society will one day, much to their dismay, exalt the One they have denigrated and outright hated and tried to destroy.

But for us who have been “Elevated through Christ,”  we see this and other verses of scripture as knowing that it is all under His control.  Any predicament, sadness, horror, illness, broken relationship or breakdown of society will, if we are not vigilant, foster room in our body, mind, soul and spirit to allow Satan to try and destroy us.

But, by remembering  “Be still…” we are encouraged to wait on Him and recall that He is God.  Most importantly, it definitely fosters our relationship with Him as we look to Him to feed our body, mind, soul and spirit.  We shall be reminded, too, that He really does care for each of us.  Being still and knowing in our heart of hearts that He is God will bring peace and thankfulness into our lives.

Perhaps as we are being still and truly know that He is God, the Great “I AM,”  whatever we are facing we will be able to sing to ourselves from that old hymn:

                                                              Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

                                                               Look full in His wonderful face,

                                                               And the things of earth will grow strangely dim 

                                                               In the light of His glory and grace.

We all have had dreams and failures, good times and bad times;  we also see the decay of society throughout the world!  But, with all this, we know to “Be still and know that I AM God…”

May we all learn to have Him carry our burdens and illnesses.  May we encourage others to find Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives also.

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God’s blessings and peace to all of you.