Secular Promises vs. The “Truth”

Scriptures:  I Corinthians 15:51-18  & Titus 2:11-14

(c)  Gloria S. Schloss 2020


Several years ago, as you will probably recall, the theme of one of our politicians in the United States was “Hope & Change.”  In whatever way you have viewed the results of what came to pass over the next years, it was merely a mantra spoken by a mortal man.  It was not meant to be viewed in any realm other than the here and now in our secular society with secular promises.

The “Truth” of “Hope & Change” really lies only in the faith of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

This “Truth” extols the “Hope & Change” that we, who have been “Elevated through Christ” have as a promise forever.  We not only have the promises given us in the Holy Scriptures (2 of which are listed as our scriptures above), but we also have the assurance of tomorrow and forever and forever.  No mere mortal can ever give that to any of us.

As Christians, we are not to live for today only.  We are to look ahead to “the Blessed Hope” of the sure return of our Lord.  We are to grasp hold of the “Change” that not only occurs in our hearts once we become devoted Christians, but also to the “Change” that will occur in the future as we find ourselves in the presence of the Lord.

No human can ever come close to establishing the “Hope & Change” which comes to those who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and have chosen to live for Him today and tomorrow.  We all need to remind ourselves daily that we belong to Him, that we are the children of the Eternal and Almighty King of the Universe.

As we look to the reality of the “Hope & Change” we have because of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we also need to find ourselves praying for others to come to know the “Truth” of The Gospel.  We need to pray also for opportunities to convey that “Hope & Change” to those who think, “This is all there is–the here and now.”

The reality is that people die everyday.  Some have the assurance of The Word of God, many do not have any hope for what happens after their lives on this earth are over.  We are, as instructed in Matthew 28, to share the “Truth”, we are to share the coming of “the Blessed Hope” as we read in Titus 2.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He came to bring us salvation.  We have all sinned.  He has promised to forgive our sins if we humble ourselves before Him and ask.  For those of us who have been the recipient of this marvelous gift of forgiveness, we know we have the promise of His “Hope & Change” in our lives and that we have it for eternity.  This is the only “Truth” that matters, His “Truth” and we are to be the voices who tell others of His wonderful goodness.

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