When unfortunate problems arise in our lives, it is not the time to ask, €”œWhy me, Lord?€


            As lovers and the bride of Christ Jesus, the most important question for us to ask is, “How can I use this circumstance to Your glory, Lord?


            Always, as truly followers of God, no matter what happens in this life, we are to trust in the Lord.  God certainly does not always cause things that bring us grief; however, just as with Job, God allows them—and He does so for His own reasons.


            So, will we become closer to Him because of circumstances?  Or, will we clamor and whine and in our €œdespair€, direct our anger and anguish towards Him?


            When we feel our lives have been turned upside down because of ill-fated issues confronting us, many times brought on from outside forces, it is not the time to blame God.  This is, by far, the time, as born again believers in Christ, when we can excel in our obedience to Him by showing others how our trust and faith and love and commitment to Him will see us through even the darkest of times in our lives.  What an opportunity for us, not only to let those around us (Christian or non-Christian) become more aware of how we truly feel about our Lord and Savior, but more importantly, each unsaved soul will be able to catch a glimpse of His commitment and His promises to us.  Why?  Because they will detect the “€œpeace that passeth all understanding€” which we have and the absolute trust we have in Him. 


            Perhaps our Christianity only magnifies and exalts itself to others when they see us focused on God, instead of ourselves, as we go through dire circumstances in our lives.  What a better time in any of our lives to give credence to the truths of God.  What a better time to have those around us be aware of how grand it has been for us to have been €œElevated through Christ.  What a better time in our lives to be able to share the Truth of the Gospel and of our magnificent Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our personal relationship with Him.


            Our God is a loving God.  Please do not ask Him, €œWhy me, Lord?  when adversities arise in your live.  Ask Him how you can be prepared to now glorify Him through it all.  Ask Him and read the Word of God.  Engage The Holy Spirit to bring to your mind scripture which can support you in your time of need, such as Romans 8:28.


            May God’€™s love and His care and His support be ever with you!

Love in Christ,


Romans 8:28 For we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according