Becoming a Christian


By Steve Schloss – Risen with The Son Ministries, Inc.


                This is a fairly straight forward question; and, one to which most Christians think they know the answer.  But, it is not quite as simple as a lot of people think.  While it is certainly true that by praying and meaning the “sinner’s prayer” we are saved, being a Christian is much more.

                The sinner’s prayer welcomes you into the family of God through your trust is Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.  As you openly confess that you have sinned against God and you ask forgiveness, as you openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross, was buried and rose again from the dead and you ask Him to come into your heart, He will!  He welcomes you as a child of God now not because you have offered this prayer to appease anyone, but because you have earnestly come to believe in your heart the saving grace of His blood shed on the cross by Jesus.

                I grant you that when you have been witnessed to, the most important and first step is making that prayerful commitment to Christ.  But it does not or at least should not stop there.  As a new believer you need to want be fed through discipleship for some time to fully comprehend the magnitude of the decision you have made.

                Being a Christian is not just following a bunch of rules and “laws”.  It is much more.  Once you give your heart to God and become a Christian, it means having a very real and personal relationship with God, The Father; God, The Son; and God, The Holy Spirit.  Apart from this relationship, there can be no real and lasting peace and joy in a person’s life.

                Understand that being saved and having this “relationship” does not mean our lives will be a bed of roses.  Just as sure the sun rises and sets, there will be difficulties and hardships in our lives.  The difference is that the Lord will bring us through these trials and stand with us the whole way.

                Knowing that we worship a living God and not some piece of wood or metal or stone object is a wonderful thing.  Being able to talk directly with our Creator, and yes, actually receive a response from Him is one of the most gratifying and reassuring aspects of becoming a Christian.   

                There are responsibilities that go along with being a Christian.  While we know that good works will not get us saved, as Christians we are commanded to do good works.  We do it out of love and honor for our Lord.  And, of course, once we know the joy of salvation, we are to share and pass that blessing to others.  In other words, we are to continue the witnessing process.

                If you never accepted Jesus Christ into your life, would you consider asking Him to come into your heart?  If you believe in your heart that Jesus is the only way for your salvation and you believe that He died a horrific death on the cross to give you eternal life, please pray the following prayer.  Confess it with your mouth.  Pray it out loud.

                Dear Father God,

                I do now recognize that I have sinned against you.  I ask forgiveness for my sinful ways and I humbly ask Jesus to come into my life.  I accept Him as Lord and Savior.  I believe that He died for me on the cross, was buried, arose from the grave and ascended into heaven.  I thank you for the abundant love you have shown through Christ’s atonement for me. 

                In Jesus name, Amen


                If you have prayed this prayer, please let us know so we may keep you in prayer.  If you would like any information we have or any help we can give you please contact our ministry.  I would suggest that you scan our website for information available and that, perhaps, you make a copy of the document on “Renewing Your Mind”.  We also offer a litle booklet, Risen with the Son!, which will be much more instructive for you as a new Christian.  It is also free.  Please contact us is you would like one or more.  You can share it with your friends and family.  “Renewing Your Mind” is a tract with many scriptures listed for various subject matters you may be presently facing.  This would be a wonderful way to start searching the Holy Scriptures to know how our Lord wants you to live.  Both these publications are free.  Also, as you search scripture, read through the book of John and James, Psalms and Proverbs.  Of course, they are not the whole of it all; but, they are great books to read through as a new Christian.

                God be with you as you continually learn more about Him and your new role as a born again believer in Christ Jesus.