About US

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

                My name is Steve Schloss and along with my wife, Gloria, we have started “Risen with the Son Ministries, Inc.” This ministry is incorporated in the state of Idaho.   No one receives a salary from this ministry. This is a love ministry and we are not seeking financial rewards.  For any of you who would care to donate, we have a 501 (c) 3 designation from the Federal Government and your donation may be written off for tax purposes.

                 We are not a church, nor are we affiliated with any particular church or denomination. We are born-again Christians that love the Lord and are moved to obey “The Great Commission” that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed before us. Gloria and I believe we are rapidly approaching the “end times”. Having said that, we feel that the importance of “witnessing” to non-believers has reached a critical point. Those of us who are already believers and have accepted the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ should now be most concerned about the fate of those who have not done so. To this end is the purpose and thrust of our ministry.  Like God, we want that “none should be lost”.

                 As to “witnessing” to the lost, we recognize how difficult this is for individuals to do on a one to one basis. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is “FEAR”. The Bible tells us we are not to have a spirit of fear; however, we understand that fear is a hard thing to overcome. Many people fear they will lose friends if they witness to them and, perhaps, they will lose some. Certainly, we can all agree that in addition to a great love for the Lord, it also takes courage and faith to be a witness. Many will argue that the way they live is a witness, and no one would argue against that; but, that in itself is many times not enough to help to change another’s life for Jesus Christ nor is it obedience to Matthew 28: 18-20.

                This is where our ministry is fashioned to help. Currently we have published a booklet, “Risen with The SON!” This booklet was approved by Zondervan for publication as 50% of it contains scripture from the Amplified Bible. Check out the FREE STUFF tab to find out how to get this booklet along with tracts for FREE. The booklet has been published to be used as a witnessing tool for those who find it difficult to speak with people on a one to one basis. It gives progressive scriptures on why a person needs to give him or herself to Jesus Christ.

                 Booklets can be placed around your town, either by you if you have a business or by your church if it so desires. You can also use it as a lesson book to better familiarize yourself with scripture as you present the Gospel to those around you. And just as we have already become aware, you will find other avenues for using “Risen with The SON!”  

                 With this new ministry comes a myriad of expenses. We understand the necessity of working with as little expenditure as possible; but, we do have expenses without which we cannot function. We have postage, printings, office supplies, etc. Although we have a dedicated Christian woman who is setting up our website, we still have expenses for the website, as well as, incidentals which seem to creep in from time to time. With this in mind, we pray you act as the Holy Spirit prompts you. We know that you already support other ministries and that, especially in these times, it is impossible to support them all no matter how important their work may be. However, if the Lord prompts you to help grow our ministry, we would consider ourselves most blessed and you can rest assured your monies will not be wasted. We are very conservative with spending monies from the ministry.

                 Needless to say, whether you give to us financially or not, we still would like you to earnestly keep this ministry in your prayer life. Pray for all our board members and that this ministry continues to follow the leading of The Holy Spirit .If you would like to partner with us in anyway, we do Thank You for your blessings to our ministry.

                 Please feel free to CONTACT US. Thank you for all your considerations and may  the Lord bless you in all ways.


With love in Christ,

Steve Schloss