Elevated through Christ

(c) 2019 Gloria S. Schloss


Scriptures:  1 John 2:15-17 & 2 Corinthians 13:5


I am 73 years of age now, and, throughout my life, I have seen and been the recipient of hatred.

But hatred around the world has become so commonplace these days.  Why?  I believe that if you look closely at hatred, it stems from selfishness, and selfishness has certainly manifested itself in many ways over the past number of years.

Selfishness breeds contempt.  It breeds the pride of life.  It breeds the lust of the eye and the lust of the flesh.

Look around at various conditions and laws and rules in this world.  Why do we have so many abortions with an overwhelming percentage unnecessary?  Due to selfishness?  You can all think of all the myriad of reasons so many choose to get an abortion.  Think on it.  Figure it out.  Why do we have so many other “rules, regulations and laws” which go against, or even laugh in the face of, Almighty God?

Why is the world in so much turmoil and selfishness: selfishness for power, selfishness for greed, selfishness that leads to all types of lust and pride?

Let us all take a look at ourselves.  Do we allow ourselves to be caught up in this utterly massive era of selfishness, of do we take care to examine ourselves as we are taught in 2 Corinthians 13:5?

Most, if not all of us, have seen families which have been broken, friendships dissolved, and countries throughout the world complicating any avenue of peace and many places encouraging destruction because of selfishness.

But, there is a solution~teaching others about Jesus Christ!  All of us need to make every effort, through our own desire and the help of our Lord, to rid selfishness from our lives.  Remember, we have been “Elevated through Christ” far above the desires of this world in which we temporarily live.  Part of our appointment from the Lord is to encourage and tell others of the beautiful glory, righteousness and reward which will be granted them as they, too, become “Elevated through Christ.”  As we inspire and uplift them to turn to Him, may we all turn to His guidance for the loving way to treat others, to make Him Lord of all in our daily activities and to have His help and guidance to eradicate all but His persona in our entire lives including the sin of selfishness.

For us to truly love God and love others~are these not the real keys for al of mankind to quash selfishness among all?

To God be the Glory and Honor and Praise ad obedience as we go forth in this new year of 2019.

In Love,